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“Dallas Cowboys Nation” may sound like just the latest trend, what with ESPN and Fox Sports throwing similar terms out across the transmission lines, but for us it’s a special designation for a fan of America’s Team. There are several borrowers of the moniker but when Dallas Cowboys Nation started, there were none. It’s been a long road since those days, and much like our favorite team, we’ve rebuilt better than ever.

We are the original #CowboysNation and we like to believe that the fans who dedicate countless hours keeping the new Blue Star Times updated are the best in the world.

We’re not journalists, accredited media or press liaisons, and we’re not doing this for some sort of payday, small or large. We’re here to explore, debate and discuss the Dallas Cowboys with other fans who share our raw and unfiltered passion for the sport, and for the team.

We are but a small segment of the Blue Star Nation.

If you would like to get in contact with Blue Star Times, please head over to our contact page where you can get a message directly to Bryson. You can expect a response to legitimate contact requests usually within a few hours, but we try to get back to everyone within a day. Contact requests should be made for feedback, comments and suggestions, promotion, advertising and applications.

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Kick Ass and GO COWBOYS!!!

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